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Octogenarian guy 100 yuan by selling vegetables to (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Octogenarian guy 100 yuan by selling vegetables to
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Octogenarian guy 100 yuan by selling vegetables to 4 Years ago Karma: 0  
'an, a stall selling mushrooms every morning has a gray-haired old man, said deft dishes, put dishes, collect the money. Vegetable vendors say more than four years, she has the obligation to help the guy to see stalls selling vegetables in Henan. Said the old man, just because four years ago to help rather inflated lend her 100 dollars, so she asked a few very impressed ...... only guy she borrowed 100 yuan yesterday 9:00, the reporter heard the hit easily help people sell old dishes,, she called 李淑瑞, 84 years old. Reporters saw her, she was in front of a stall apron yelling: "! Mushrooms,, shiitake mushrooms are fresh, rest assured to buy it," Reporters learned that the stall owner called rather inflated, Henan. He said, "my aunt (Li Shurui) were good enough, every day to help me, I gave her food she will not, I say give her wages, she also angry!" About the reasons for selling vegetables to help rather inflated, said the old man,mulberry sale, one morning four years ago, in the morning at roadside stalls to buy food 李淑瑞 fancy clothes, can not have enough money. So she tried to his vegetable stall frequented by bosses, a series asked a few are rejected. When asked Henan guy rather inflated, the young man said nothing from his pocket and pull out the 100 dollars to her. This $ 100 warmth, so that the elderly unforgettable. The next day, when the old man returned the money rather inflated, inflated rather see a person busy,hollister, Li Shurui said: "! Dish while I can help you sell it," the help, it helped four years. Not in return from four years to help rain or shine, every morning, in the small South Gate morning, people always see Li Shurui busy. Rain or shine, less than 7:00 every morning, Li Shurui are from Hongying Road Cycling came home rather inflated stalls. Forty-five meters long vegetable stall, she and a person responsible for half of the rather inflated, put dishes, said food, money,,hogan outlet, everything she had handy. Been busy until 10 am, morning scattered, she handed over the money received rather inflated,hogan, to help clean up after a good vegetable stall home. "I do not remember how long to help." Li Shurui Xiaohe He said that he does not figure what is rather inflated because she needed help in time to help her, and now she has to help him be in this situation. "My aunt gave me at least four years to help busy." Rather inflated, said he saw the old man was very difficult to borrow money, did not think it lent. Wanted, old people actually $ 100 for this help, the obligation to help him sell four New Year's dinner. 10:20,hollister france, morning scattered,hollister, 李淑瑞 pushing old bike home, less than 100 meters along the way, many greengrocers and greeted her, "the elderly, came to his son to help you do it '" Here, let me get you some sweet potatoes. "" I'll give you a piece of tofu cut. "" This is a very good man, who gave help to see who is busy. "greengrocer very fact that the elderly can be seen every morning to rather inflated to help, and sometimes her stall if the customer more, the old man will give her gang children busy. Li Shurui said that the vendors are very familiar with her,mulberry outlet, give her time to time we get some food, so many years, she ate a lot of free food. She said: "Everyone is good to me, I will give you a great deal to help the heart King!" "Beilin good man," she was nominated for Li Shurui Hongying Road home in China Communications Construction Company family member courtyard, because his wife surnamed Liang, yard people call her "Mom beams." Yesterday morning, the reporter took her home, went into the courtyard,louboutin, the neighbors have to say hello, "went to his son to help you do it '" Liang Ma, but a great guy. "Master Wu family member courtyard bristling thumb guard says Not long ago,hollister online shop, a family member courtyard Teng small house to make room for the elderly, Liang mom took three tables from home, but also their own money to buy three mahjong, for your entertainment. Speaking hearted "Liang Ma," Liu Hongying Road police station police officers quite touched, "Every year before New Year's Eve 0:00, Liang mother and daughter will be carrying hot dumplings, so we are very impressed." "This Suansha good, I was restless." Liang Ma said with a smile. 11 o'clock yesterday morning,, Beilin Zhangjiacun street a staff member to "beam Mom" ​​at home, she said, good deeds are plenty beams mother. Recently the district is named "Beilin good man," she asked, "Liang mom" to photograph, ready to give her reporting. "'Beam Mom' has been chosen as 'Beilin good' nomination." Said Liu Kechang Zhangjiacun cultural center street. The face of all praise, the old man said: "people who are mutual, you help me,louboutin pas cher, I help you, we are happy, it's what's worth reporting it." Expert: timely bearing in mind will make people around you have had a lifetime What little touched When people encounter difficulties, how would you do Is pleased to agree or direct refusal Yesterday, the reporter interviewed 10 street people borrow a dollar for the bus, requests were caught interviewed said that if people are not professional beggars borrow money, they will lend to each other or to help their credit card; If by telephone with a 10 per capita, said it will not, but if the other party will be in a hurry to help their true calling. Yesterday, the director of the Shaanxi-day language of marriage and family counselor training center Chen Fengshan said that now the community has a lot of positive energy thing, but we can also see the integrity of the community is not enough. The reason is mainly because many people have been a liar in a similar way to win sympathy cheated, so there will alert mental and psychological self-protection. In addition,, doing good things against being falsely uncommon,louboutin pas cher, but also highlights the credibility crisis of this society. Many people therefore not lost their desire to help strangers, reflecting the still exist some psychological distance between people. "Drip grace the smallest favor, in 李淑瑞 old man is the best performance." Chen Fengshan believe that people would panic at the time of distress and helplessness psychology, this time, if someone a helping hand extended,air jordan pas cher, he will eliminate panic psychology,, make him feel warm,, which will be transformed into a Thanksgiving gratitude. Icing on the cake is hard to remember,, and timely bearing in mind the life of the reasons people are here. Newspaper reporter Yang Hao (original title: Morning vegetables help guy 4 years octogenarian did not want a penny (Figure))
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