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Workshop to collect scraps of private primary refi (2 viewing) (2) Guests
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TOPIC: Workshop to collect scraps of private primary refi
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Workshop to collect scraps of private primary refi 4 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0  
's Procuratorate to the crime of illegal business sued held criminally responsible. The case in April 2010, weeks in the absence of light for the business license and food production licenses, acquired from the market bubble of meat, fat, oil, raw intestines, then rented houses in the illegal production, processing and consumption of lard and foreign sales, profit. "Black lard" into the Changsha market issue after media reports,hogan, Changsha City of Industry, spot checks found that the light from the 2007 Week 4 Big start recording sales account,air jordan pas cher, recorded "Black lard," the volume and flow. From September 2008 to April 2010 period, total sales from Lian Zhou 19,080 pounds of lard, sales unted to 57,240 yuan. After Zhou was arrested dens were seized. "Black lard" court investigation showed that the main flow of the school, Zhou since March 2007 began this line of business. May he rented in Yuhua District, Village of three dilapidated houses,, the purchase of three large wok refinery to refinery and several machines, brewed "held the lard in a dark room . " Zhou said the refinery with the bubble meat, fat,mulberry outlet, oil,hollister france, raw intestines, are their own every day from 3:00 to purchase Mawangdui vegetable market stall butcher,, the purchase price of one yuan to 1.5 yuan per kilogram ranged daily energy intake of 300 pounds to 400 pounds, "goods", can carry up to 600 pounds one day, all these pork without quarantine. Buy back meat, he will first clean up, remove the bad part,, washed,louboutin pas cher, chopped, with coal fire heating brewed with gauze filter out impurities,, boil a pot of oil requires two hours. Daily oil production of 300 to 400 pounds, about the price of 3 yuan sales. 3-year cumulative sales of nearly 20 kilograms. Zhou selling books showed a lot of "lard products" sold in the school cafeteria. Some units also no shortage of buyers in the canteens, restaurants and grain stores. Changsha Municipal Government in accordance with the provisions of the daily needs of medium and large catering units stay kind, selling and buying expired mildew,, counterfeiting and the "three noes" foods such acts are within the scope of law enforcement supervision and sanctions, but "pig waste Oil "or by" acquaintances "describes other channels into the market. After the incident, Changsha Food Safety Commission to mobilize large numbers of law enforcement personnel, inventory of food within the city workshops, canteens, investigation and recovery of "waste lard." "Black lard" was actually "qualified food" "Black lard" after the incident was exposed, a major social concern. Surprising is that the test results. Changsha, food quality and safety supervision and inspection center seized 1,000 pounds of lard for sampling inspection, moisture, acid value,, peroxide value, lead, arsenic, copper, total bacterial count,louboutin, coliform bacteria and other content lard and fatal within both meet the standard requirements, the indicators are tested as qualified. As a result, create a lot of "black lard" Light Up week only to be punished on charges of illegal business. In this regard,, Changsha, quality inspection departments have pointed out, under normal circumstances, inspection of edible oil mainly related to "acid value", "POV" and three physical and chemical indicators. Changsha,hollister outlet, the test "scraps lard",,hollister, but also added moisture determination, heavy metals, sensory indicators, are ng the most stringent "full inspection." But health supervision department experts pointed out that "under the angle" contains the hair follicles and other impurities. In the pig slaughtering, transport, may also be contaminated with all kinds of dirt, simply rinse difficult to wash. "It should only oil refining industry." Experts who participated in investigating the case, said a lot of food hygiene standards, or "food shortages" of the last century was formulated, many standards are not material and social convergence increasingly developed. In addition, compared with the "black food" escalating manufacturing technology, law enforcement inspection means lagged behind. If consumers most hated "swill oil", "dead meat smoked bacon",mulberry, etc., maker of "technology" more advanced, and even self-examination in accordance with standards established by the State, to obtain data and then adjust its "production process" and the "recipe", "standard" and then enter the market. Even law enforcement agencies to catch the scene, inspection bodies can not be "qualitative" The difference with the regular product from a particular index or a certain type of sample testing. In addition, national legislation and food safety production license, market access,hogan outlet, product recalls,hollister, information disclosure, establish terms of emergency response and other mechanisms, still in its infancy, the toxic and hazardous substances or materials use regulation, certificate and invoice, aspects of self-discipline, integrity of the building,hogan, but also in the lack of a mandatory code of conduct. September 29 newspaper Changsha Power
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