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was robbed by two men after police threw himself D (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: was robbed by two men after police threw himself D
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was robbed by two men after police threw himself D 4 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0  
 Yesterday morning,hollister, in New Road staged a thrilling double scene: two retrograde guy riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk, police ordered its "Stop",Drug gangs bought several set, but they not only did not stop, is also preparing to hit the police. Police threw himself to the ground after it, one guy still trying to "snatch" revolver ...... event; police threw himself two scrambling Thieves "verses and a little scared, if that young man pulled the gun, things big trouble. "1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, standing in front of 102 pairs of new North shops, recalling that scene two hours before the occurrence of the front of the store, repair shop owner says lingering fear. 11:20 Xu, maintenance, mechanical repair shop owner is shop, shop door suddenly came motorcycle "Honghong" sound. Boss looked up, wearing a gray winter coat, fat guy wearing a helmet, riding a red Yamaha motorcycle, retrograde come north to south on the sidewalk, wearing a black jacket, a skinny guy in the back of a motorcycle ride . "Wot, Faster, faster!" When driving a motorcycle repair shop at the entrance to the store owner heard skinny guy shouted. Shop owner noticed that skinny guy holding the hands of two ladies shoulder bag. At this point, a police car to catch up to, "Stop, are not allowed to run." Two police jumped from the police car, the shouting, while close to them. However, the motorcycle did not stop, the fat guy actually stepped on the gas, the front right, toward the police. Two police quickly sideways out of the way, while jumps, two motorcycles on the ground, the car fell to the wayside. The skinny guy after a police wrestled to the ground, police are chasing another two meters out,After the guy robbed a taxi r, the fat guy wrestled to the ground. Upgrade police and thief suddenly close the fight Bun thief holding down revolver ... Soon, people around around us. While we are pleased that the police suddenly heard a shout:. "We Come help, he grabbed the gun," the shop owner noticed that fat guy was under police pressure in the body, flushed, panting, in his Indeed according to a pistol in the hands! "Guns have been in the hands of the young man, his hands kept shaking on the ground, close to the ground gun rub rub over the past. Appears that he is trying to take up the gun. Good scary Oh, in case fire out " shop owner said, fat guy in a fight during police tightly hold down his body and hands, trying his uniform, the two sides deadlocked for more than a minute. "Fat guy in a very big strength, according to the gun let go, want to hold up from the earth." "Be careful, we go back." See the situation is critical, and the crowd to step back a little. At this time, several people rushed out from the crowd. "Several people went to help suppress the skinny guy, another police hurried past to help colleagues subdued the fat guy." Pistol back in the hands of the police, surrounded by masses finally relieved. Some angry people immediately surrounded the past, facing the two men showed their curse, but fortunately in time to stop the police. "Guy how to grab the gun, we have not seen. Estimates are scuffle during police gun accidentally fall to the ground, pressed to the fat guy." Mechanic nearby car repair shop said. Investigation; two guy who is scrambling Subsequently, two men were taken to the police station for investigation Dongpo. 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw police station in the east slope of 64-year-old Ms. Yang, the original, was robbed of her bag, Bun who is the young man had been arrested in two. Ms. Yang said, 11 am, her son sitting near the cable car to reach the Palace of Culture, "feeling bag strap was pulled twice. Snapped up,Study abroad experience chang, he saw two young men on a motorcycle ran." So She immediately called 110. Currently, Dongpo police are on the case for further investigation. Post reporter Zhao Xia Huli She shadow
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