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Man driving crashed into the Lake copilot 5 Qiaola (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Man driving crashed into the Lake copilot 5 Qiaola
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Man driving crashed into the Lake copilot 5 Qiaola 4 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0  
's chief reporter Li Yang Yang WASHINGTON visitors came to Hangzhou, a lot of people are on the Lake Xiling Qiao Heart on Valentine's Bridge, one of three obsessed, hang around the bridge, romantic experience. But yesterday morning, there is a young man and woman in this experience of a life to death. O'clock in the morning yesterday, more than a VW Tiguan SUV on Xiling Qiao hit the eastern side of the parapet, after breaking the parapet crashed into Lake. Time of the incident, the car has a man and a woman, the man was the driver, the woman sitting in the copilot's position. After the accident, the man was only slightly injured,hollister, the woman was rushed to hospital because of drowning, the end result died. When reporters arrived on the scene, the incident has been cordoned off point. From the scene, the scene at the top of the bridge, near the east side of a total of four stone pillars and four were crashed into the lake, a stone bridge shift,mulberry sale, one side of the stone is severely damaged. According to the site traces and visits to understand,hollister, the vehicle is likely to be driving to the top of the bridge due to speed faster, too late to turn lead to disaster. 0:27, Hangzhou West Lake Fire Squadron received a police command, dispatched two fire engines, the 120 emergency with staff and West Lake Park Man Bureau have also arrived at the scene. Reporters learned of the incident, from the beginning of continuous rain the night before it is "a little pause" moments, but more sky clouds, heavy shadows Gushan Road and North Road area of ​​poor vision. Tiguan car is bound Gushan Road North Road from the direction of the open deck near the Xiling Qiao highest point, the car suddenly hit to the right, hit the quartzite Qiaolan. Nearly two meters long a Qiaolan is continuously struck five, but still did not make the impact force Tiguan car stopped. In the fourth block knocked Qiaolan post (there are a hit loose), Tiguan car out of the Xiling Qiao, fell in the West. "Cab car is the bottom of the car to the right rollover, the whole has been soaked in water." Was in the vicinity of the accident site Chu memories, because the water is not deep under Xiling Qiao, off-road than the car itself Under heavy weight and pressure of the water intrusion, the front quickly sunk in the mire into. When rescue workers arrived, the car has been pushed into the water upside down like upside down in the water. In order to facilitate the rescue, firefighters with a rope fixed to the car roll back look. Witnesses said that after the car fell off, and soon saw a man swim out. Not long after, rescue personnel rushed to put the female passenger trapped in the car pulled out,hollister online shop, the two men were taken to hospital together. It is understood that the driver Zhang, aged 27, the incident driving from south to north with the Gushan route to Xiling Qiao bridge, vehicle collision east side of the bridge guardrail into the lake, causing the passengers on board certain (female , aged 21) in the car drowning, the hospital died, died yesterday morning. Zhang particular driver and passengers were not detected in the blood alcohol content. Currently, the driver Zhang police departments have been controlled, the accident is under further investigation. Hangzhou locals accident male driver, 27-year-old, was not detected in the blood alcohol content; incident waters depth not only to shoulder adult drunk driving, why such a tragic equally into the water, why not a woman die Xiling Qiao artifacts salvaged currently 4 stone plate four pillars, only a stone plate a newspaper column is a complete newspaper reporter, chief reporter Li Yang Yang Jiang Shen-Min / Wen Liang Jinming / Drawing Jixian booths down, Santanyinyue turn,mulberry outlet, now Xiling Qiao also knocked ... Hangzhou West Lake ... will become the focus of each accident yesterday Xiling Qiao knocked and no doubt become the hotspot of the major sites, and even friends can not help but exclaimed, "West Lake is ah baby, baby could be so ruined What "morning,, rainy night, the lights dim. Gushan Road near neither bars nor other entertainment venues, this car black Tiguan in the West Lake to do Why did he suddenly rushed Westlake Xiling Qiao has been destroyed in the end is not artifacts, when to fix He also returned to find the trapped woman no drunk driving, the car burst into Lake according to police records why the incident was not Tiguan car alarm people, is a period of time after the accident,mulberry outlet, was found passing. Yesterday 0:20 or so, just passing by passers-Chan Cycling Xiling Qiao, she first discovered the bridge guardrail gone. "It was windy, and rain, on the edge of the light is not very good, I thought it was a typhoon blew up, and then came closer found wrong, do not have a fence several meters, the wind is not so much power. "Until Chan on the bridge, only to find the water under the bridge where a car bubble. "Four wheels in the air, I was ready to alarm when the edge of a passerby said he had to call the police, less than a minute saw a police car, an ambulance came." Police arrived at the same time, also climbed out of the water a young man. "Man can not speak,hollister france, he said there was also with the police, and the police together and find the trapped woman police rescued a woman from below, and then be off the 120 ambulance." No one saw the incident process, how Tiguan car suddenly burst into the West do Yesterday afternoon,, after a preliminary investigation, the police department the trouble restore process: the car traveling from south to north, Gushan route to Xiling Qiao bridge, the vehicle collision east side of the bridge guardrail into the West. According to the traffic police department in Hangzhou news, which hit Xiling Qiao from the incident, the driver has been confirmed as the man, surnamed Zhang, 27 years old, Hangzhou,louboutin pas cher, Zhang was not detected in the blood alcohol content. Car woman surnamed Yu, 21 years old, Guizhou. No drinking before the incident in the end what happened Zhejiang Hospital, Zhang shirtless, look dull, and he saw the lens dodge, do not want to say. After verification, Zhang and certain not husband and wife. Why depth only to shoulder adult woman were killed in the car after the woman was rushed to the hospital for fear of other people were trapped inside. 0:27,mulberry, Lake of Fire Squadron 12 firefighters rushed to the scene. Two water-based fire fighters dive better searching, fortunately has no other trapped it. "Water is not deep,, probably to my right shoulder, and certainly less than two meters, but the lake silt." Involved in the rescue of fire fighters recalls. Water is not deep, the car is how the woman died It is understood that after the incident, Tiguan car has been overturned, upside down in the lake, and because of the pressure of the water intrusion, the front part has sunk in the mire, only the rear slightly above the surface. 3:00, after the car was salvaged, can be clearly observed: the front was severely damaged, the front windshield has become a piece off the cobwebs, the front wheel has broken, the water leak from the inside. To this end, rescue workers speculated that the incident is likely to head down the moment the woman drowning long time. The rescue of the medical staff to determine the woman's cause of death is likely to be drowning. According to Zhejiang Hospital emergency room doctor on duty, Xu said,hollister, the woman was sent has no signs of life when the hospital to rescue a half-hour, the woman heartbeat back, but still not breathing and blood pressure. Around 8:00 yesterday morning, the woman's heart suddenly stopped, the hospital again to rescue the more than one hour. Until 9:00 and more, announced that she died. Yesterday afternoon, the police department also confirmed that certain (female, 21 years old) in the car drowning, the hospital died. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. Meanwhile Shui sharp bends on steep Xiling Qiao has repeatedly knocked the incident, some professionals analyze road accident site is a curved eyebrows, and steep, with dim lighting at night, the driver while under such conditions Slope corner, there are certain technical requirements on the operation. And as early as ten years ago, this severing vehicle bridges fence after falling into the lake onto the sidewalk size of a car accident, should occur several times a year, sometimes even after another - ● 1997 the evening of January 3, 8 pm, drizzle in the Xiling Qiao River, with a bang, traveling from south to north in a van carrying a family of three, severing the bridge on the west side three stone columns into the lake ...... ● at 1:45 on January 4, 1997, from the last accident less than six hours, traveling from east to west in a "Santana" Turn right on Xiling Qiao has not been a sudden rush to the left side of the walkway, In places away from the van fell into the water at less than 70 meters fell into Lake ...... ● 1997 年 4 月 5 日 上午 9 At 0950 hours a leased taxi coming from east to west, turn right when coming on Xiling Qiao when the head is also a vehicle on the bridge, after the intersection when two vehicles leased vehicle driver hit the right direction too far, crashing into the east side of the bridge into the lake four stone columns. Panmou drivers struggled desperately in the car, broke down the door, survived. After receiving the alarm, Westlake police brigade rushed to the scene investigation, and contact the crane to the site. In Lake cruise ship fit, crane vehicles salvaged from the lake. ● January 2000 8 o'clock in the evening of 11, a license Santana Hangzhou, near the Xiling Qiao pulled into the West. That year, the traffic police department where multi-site analysis of the accident investigation from drowning accident, believed to be primarily due to the rainy weather, excessive speed, improper measures. Bai Causeway, Gushan road with three bridges: bridge, Kintaikyo, Xiling Qiao. The late 1990s, these three bridges have been repeatedly "devastated" fence repeatedly damaged. Weigela bridge, there had been many times the two vehicles collided, the car off the lake horrible disaster. Minority drivers knowingly allowed on the bridge over "centerline" driving,louboutin pas cher, but why illegal driving, once found quickly on the bridge across the car has been taken by surprise. Later, with urban development, increased traffic and other reasons, the bridge,, Kintaikyo outright ban motorized vehicles. From the observation of the scene to see,,hollister, the Xiling Qiao steep location is rather special, from Gushan Road east to the west end is coming to the West Lake, to be a sharp turn to the right and then turn left little to the Xiling Qiao. Traffic police have set up warning signs beside the road to remind drivers. Xiling Qiao heritage but it is also important not belong to the West Lake scenic attractions from the scene, the scene at the top of the bridge, on the eastern side by a total of four stone pillars and four were crashed into the lake, a stone bridge shift, one side Stone severely damaged. Yesterday morning, the relevant departments have been erected on the Xiling Qiao temporary steel fence, as well as the edge of the security on duty, some tourists are picked up via the camera captured wounded Xiling Qiao, more people said the sorry to be so good to hit the bridge. So, in the end is not Xiling Qiao heritage Yesterday, the reporter consulted the answer is yes, Xiling Qiao does not belong artifacts. The relevant responsible person said Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area, Xiling Qiao built in the Republic of China, who has had a major overhaul in 2004, but the bridge is not a security unit. Has not yet been included in the protection of heritage, but it is also one of the important attractions in West Lake. There are clear limits set speed limit regulations, bridge cap weighs 20 tons, 40 kilometers per hour speed limit. After the incident,, the West Lake watershed management department dispatched divers to help salvage knocked off the stones from the bottom. To about 8:00, colliding with the bridge railing to five boards and four bridges in West pier railing, was salvaged water. However, except for a bridge railing panels and a bridge pier railing relatively intact, the other seriously damaged. "From 2003 to the present, when the bridge is also a small accident, but this is the first time a major accident." Scenic official said. Yesterday afternoon, the scenic area management office on the fence again reinforced, in order not to affect traffic, being pushed in some of the iron railings. For Xiling Qiao when to repair, authorities said can not give a clear answer. "It depends on what time you can find old quartzite." Director scenic municipal city center 蔡晓彤 said. Currently, salvaged four stone pillars only one plate four stone pillars plate 1 is complete. However,, the relevant department said it will follow "old old" principle,, to repair damaged parts, but also the needs of serious damage experts, and then make the appropriate stone procurement. Meanwhile, in cooperation with the police to identify and follow-up work accident compensation.
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